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Aging can sneak up on us and, for many people, the signs seem to appear overnight.

Each individual person will experience the signs of aging in different ways, which is why here at Skinlogic in Severna Park, MD, we have included a wide range of services for our clientele. If you are dealing with broken capillaries, you aren’t alone. Countless patients have come to us hoping to clear their skin, and all have found success in our facial capillary treatment.

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What Is Broken Capillary Treatment | Angioma Treatment in Glen Burnie?

A capillary treatment typically involves the use of specialized technologies to target and reduce the visibility of capillaries on the face and body. For example, at our spa, we specifically chose LUTRONIC’s Clarity II laser system for treating broken capillaries in our patients. We chose this device because of the brand’s reputation in the cosmetic world, and because of the power, precision, and excellent results it delivers every time.

It’s important to note that, while capillaries can form on virtually any part of the body and usually form in places such as the legs or chest, facial capillaries require a slightly different approach as far as treatment is concerned. The skin on the face is much more delicate, thin, and sensitive than the body’s skin, which means treating facial capillaries requires careful consideration and ample knowledge of facial anatomy to deliver optimal results.

Understanding Your Body: What Are Capillaries?

Capillaries refer to small blood vessels with thin walls that are essential to our bodies due to their role in delivering oxygen and blood to our various organs and tissues. Capillaries are responsible for exchanging vital nourishments to our body cells as well as properly oxygenating them. When these capillaries become visible enough that it requires treatment to get rid of them, the capillaries are colloquially known as “spider veins” even though they technically aren’t veins.

What Causes Broken Capillaries?

There are various possible factors that can lead to broken capillaries, but the leading cause is typically when the patient has had prolonged exposure to harsh elements, such as excessive UV exposure from the sun. The ultraviolet radiation weakens the already-thin walls of the capillaries and causes them to dilate, which is what becomes visible on the surface of your skin.

Certain lifestyle habits, such as excessive alcohol, tobacco, and nicotine consumption, can also weaken the capillary walls over time. Some unlucky folks get broken capillaries as a result of nothing more than genetic predisposition or hormonal fluctuations. Some patients also have weak capillary walls to begin with, making them naturally prone to dilating. 

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What Are The Symptoms Of Broken Capillaries?

The most common symptom by far that you’ll notice is the appearance of red, purple, or blue lines or bursts just below the surface of the skin. Sometimes, these spots can resemble small spider webs, which is how broken capillaries got their nickname. They can appear just about anywhere on the body, and the most typical places we see broken facial capillaries are the cheeks, nose, and chin.

Broken facial capillaries normally affect the patient mentally and emotionally more than physically, as capillaries don’t typically cause the patient pain unless they appear on the legs. These spider veins are more often a cosmetic concern that affects the patient’s self-confidence.

How Can I Avoid Future Broken Capillaries?

You should make it a priority to protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays. You can do this by using broad-spectrum sunscreen, wearing wide-brimmed hats out in the sun, or avoiding prolonged exposure during peak sun hours. It would also behoove you to create and stick with a regular skincare routine, which you can enlist our help with during your consultation with us.

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Meredith Baker, CPNP-AC, FNP-C started this business with the goal of guiding patients to happiness and providing them with opportunities to heal in a comfortable, no-pressure spa environment. That’s why we begin our journey with an hour-long in-person consultation with you, and we don’t send you home until you have a completely customized treatment plan that meets all your needs. If you want to revitalize your facial skin, it’s time you benefited from our facial capillary treatment. 

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