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Semaglutide Injections

for weightloss

Weight loss is never an easy process, but with the right methods and a commitment to the process, you can achieve your goal weight and maintain it long-term. At Skinlogic in Severna Park, MD, we offer semaglutide injections that promote weight loss by reducing appetite, increasing feelings of fullness, and balancing blood sugar. If you want that extra edge on your weight management plan, these injections may be exactly what you need.

What Are Semaglutide Injections?

Semaglutide injections were originally called Ozempic; the brand name of the medication designed to treat patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes. However, it was soon discovered that one of the effects of this medication was weight loss, and now semaglutide injections are known by the brand name Wegovy. Wegovy was originally FDA-approved for use in 2021 after a large, controlled clinical trial revealed its impact on non-diabetic patients with their accelerated weight loss. 

Patients who received semaglutide injections lost approximately 12.4% of their initial body weight compared to those who received the placebo. The medication mimics a natural hormone called glucagon-like peptide-1, also known as GLP-1. It increases insulin secretion and blood sugar disposal, which works to control glucose levels. It also works by targeting the area of the brain responsible for regulating appetite and food intake at higher doses.

How Does the Treatment Process Work?

There are several steps involved in the semaglutide injection treatment process. The very first step is to determine that these injections are a safe and effective option for you, and then we can design a treatment plan that helps you safely and quickly lose your desired amount of weight.

Your Initial Consultation

This treatment process begins with an initial consultation. We will need to obtain your medical history, blood pressure, current weight, heart rate, and BMI. We will provide you with a form to take to a lab, either LabCorp or Quest, based on your insurance, so that you can undergo baseline lab testing. Then, we will review your results before beginning the treatment process and starting you on the medication.

Your Treatments

Once we confirm that semaglutide injections are right for you, you’ll visit the office for a weekly injection. It’s important that you come on the same day every week. The easiest way to ensure consistency is to choose one day that works best for your schedule and stick with that day. These injections are subcutaneous and are administered into the fatty tissue, typically on the thigh, with a very small and thin needle.

The injection process is virtually painless and takes seconds to complete. We advise patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle while undergoing treatment to ensure optimal results.

Adjusting Your Treatment Plan

Every four weeks, we will increase your dosage. This is a personalized process that is based on each patient’s labs, tolerance to the medication, and current weight. It takes approximately four months to reach maintenance dosing, and patients can expect increased weight loss with every increase in the medication dosage.

Completing Your Treatment

Once you achieve your goal weight, you will discontinue semaglutide injections. One of the best ways to maintain long-term results is by eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Doing so can prevent post-treatment weight gain and help you maintain your healthy weight long-term.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aside from accelerating weight loss, semaglutide injections offer many different benefits. They can prevent the onset of many weight-related diseases by reducing the risk of obesity. Some of the treatment benefits include the following:

  • An easy injection process
  • A safe solution for weight loss
  • They promote feelings of fullness for longer periods of time
  • They reduce the risk of obesity, promoting better health
  • They accelerate weight loss results, complementing a healthy diet and exercise routine
  • They help the body better burn fat

Most patients lose two to three pounds each week, which is a healthy rate of weight loss. As we monitor you during your treatment plan, we will ensure you receive the right dosage to promote accelerated weight loss so you can achieve your goals quickly.

Unlike many weight loss medications, you can rest assured that semaglutide injections will safely accelerate weight loss and help you reach your goals. We perform lab work before beginning the treatment and not only monitor your progress along the way but also ensure that you’re getting the right amount of medication necessary to safely achieve your goals.

Weight loss treatment at Skinlogic costs $425 every 4 weeks.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be difficult, stressful, or take years. With a customized semaglutide treatment plan personalized to your needs, we can help you safely lose weight so you can look better, feel better, and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.