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Lines and wrinkles are a natural part of aging, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept them if you don’t like them. Many people are in search of an effective, non-invasive solution to smooth out these age-related changes. Dysport® is a treatment that can give you a more youthful appearance without the need for surgery or extended downtime.

At Skinlogic, we specialize in research-based, medical-grade cosmetic treatments to address your unique skincare aims. Serving Severna Park, MD, we use rigorously tested skincare products and tools to help you achieve these personal aesthetic goals.

What Is Dysport®?

Dysport® is a prescription injectable that contains a neurotoxin called abobotulinumtoxinA. Unlike some alternatives, it’s designed to target specific muscles responsible for facial lines, allowing for more natural movement in untreated areas. It works by temporarily blocking the signal from the nerves to the muscles, reducing muscle activity and softening the appearance of wrinkles. This makes it an option for those looking to diminish frown lines between the eyebrows without altering the rest of their facial expression.

What Is Dysport® Used For

Primary Uses

Dysport® is primarily used to treat moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows. By targeting the specific muscles causing these lines, Dysport® can soften their appearance without affecting other facial movements. It’s a non-invasive and FDA-approved treatment for frown lines that offers a more youthful look without surgery.

Additional Uses

  • Depressor Anguli Oris (DAO) Injections: Dysport® injections are particularly effective in treating the downturned corners of the mouth. By targeting the DAO muscle, Dysport® can help lift the corners for a more neutral or happier resting expression.
  • Lip Flip: A Dysport® lip flip is a quick, minimally invasive treatment that can provide a fuller, more balanced appearance to the upper lip. This treatment is an excellent choice for those who desire subtle changes without the use of fillers.
  • Crow’s Feet: Lines around the eyes, commonly referred to as crow’s feet, can be effectively treated with Dysport®. The treatment aims to soften these lines, giving the eye area a smoother appearance.
  • Bunny Lines: These are the lines that can appear on the sides of your nose, especially when smiling or laughing. Dysport® can be used to soften these lines, contributing to a more youthful look.
  • Forehead Lines: Dysport® can also be used to treat horizontal lines on the forehead. It helps relax the muscles responsible for these lines, offering a smoother appearance without affecting your natural expressions.
  • Dimpled Chin: For those who have a dimpled or “cobblestone” appearance on their chin, Dysport® can be used to relax the muscle, resulting in a smoother chin surface.

Why Choose Dysport®? 

Non-Invasive Wrinkle Reduction

If you’re seeking a way to reduce wrinkles without the hassle of surgical procedures, Dysport® serves as an excellent option. It’s a non-invasive treatment that allows you to return to your daily activities immediately, with minimal downtime.

Faster Results

One of the advantages of choosing a neuromodulator like Dysport® is the speed at which you can see results. Often, improvements are noticeable within two to three days post-treatment, making it a go-to choice for those in need of quicker facial rejuvenation.

Longer-Lasting Treatment

What sets Dysport® treatments apart is their longevity. While individual results may vary, Dysport® can last several months, allowing for extended periods between maintenance sessions. This makes it a practical and cost-effective option for ongoing wrinkle management.

Natural-Looking Results

The precision involved in Dysport® injections allows for targeted treatment, ensuring that only the intended muscles are affected. This leads to natural-looking results where facial expressions remain genuine and unaltered, avoiding the “frozen” look that some people fear with wrinkle-reducing injections.

Dysport® Frequently Asked Questions

One of the notable benefits of a Dysport® treatment is its durability. While individual results can vary based on factors like skin type and lifestyle, Dysport® generally lasts up to five months. This allows for longer intervals between maintenance treatments.

Both Dysport® and Botox® are neuromodulators, but they differ in their formulation and behavior. Dysport® tends to spread a bit more, allowing for a broader area of effect which may be useful for treating larger areas. The units are also different, meaning you can’t directly compare the dosage between the two. We offer both as they are both effective treatments that may be useful in different situations.

The amount of Dysport® needed for treatment varies from person to person and depends on the severity of the wrinkles as well as the area being treated. A consultation is the best way to determine the exact amount needed for your specific concerns.

Preparation is minimal. You should avoid alcohol and certain medications like aspirin to minimize the risk of bruising. As always, consult with us for specific guidelines tailored to your needs.

One of the advantages of Dysport® is that it’s minimally invasive, meaning most people can return to their normal activities immediately. However, strenuous physical activity should be avoided for at least 24 hours following treatment, and you may be advised to stay upright for four hours after the treatment. 

Choosing Dysport® for your wrinkle-reducing treatment offers a range of benefits, from quick results to lasting effects. If you’re in the Severna Park, MD, area and considering Dysport®, we are your go-to destination for research-based, medical-grade cosmetic treatments at Skinlogic. To learn more about how Dysport® can address your aesthetic concerns, contact us at (410) 375-4918 or fill out our online form today.